Monday, June 27, 2011

It was a cold, wintry night ...

... in 1962 at a shaped note singing school at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Tennessee when the Waymakers Quartet was formed.  Group members were Floyd Huskey, Louise Huskey, Fred Waller, and sisters Patsy Huskey and Merrilyn Huskey.  The youngest sister - that would be yours truly - was too young at the time.  Daddy sang bass, but in this case Momma didn't sing tenor, she sang soprano.  What followed was 26 years of traveling and singing Southern Gospel at churches, schools and community centers all over Middle Tennessee, Northern Alabama and other contiguous areas. 

My growing up years were filled with Friday and Saturday night sings, week-long summer revivals, and countless Sunday afternoon homecomings with all day singing and dinner on the ground ... which as you fellow Southerners know, dinner means the mid-day meal.

As a visiting quartet, we were always invited to join in the dinner spread.  Mother loved to scout out new dishes and if she was lucky, the cook responsible would be willing to share the recipe and better yet, recite it from memory.  As a result, my collection from Mother has a few handwritten recipes like the one here scribbled on a paper napkin.

I have no idea where we were on that particular Sunday afternoon, but I know Mother was looking good for the singing that followed.  She had carefully reapplied her favorite shade of Revlon Red and blotted on the back
of that same napkin.  

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