Monday, September 10, 2012

Easy Sew Table Linens

I'm stepping away from the kitchen for a quick sewing project.  Several weeks ago we were host to a brunch and wanted to change up the look of the dining table.  With a few yards of a fabric remnant picked up at a discount sewing center and a few hours at the sewing machine I was able to create napkins and a table runner to give the table a fresh new look complemented quite nicely by my husband's floral decorating skills.

For the napkins ...
Begin by cutting squares of fabric to equal your desired finished size plus about 3 inches to allow for hemming.  My squares were 20" for a 17" finished napkin. Fold the raw edge over 1- to 1 1/2 -inches and press all around, then press in 1/4-inch all around the edge.

At each corner, fold in diagonally, lining up the pressed creases, then lightly press the folded edge.

Fold corner edges right sides together, and pin.

Stitch along the pressed diagonal crease and trim away excess fabric.

Repeat for the other three corners.
Turn hem to the wrong side of napkin square.

Edge stitch all around and press finished napkin.

And, for the runner ...

Cut a strip of fabric to desired length and width to fit nicely down the center of your table.

Fold right sides together and trim away a small triangle to give a pointed end to your runner.  To make sure both ends are identical, place the cut triangle on the other end and trim to match.

Press in 1/4-inch along raw edge all around the runner.

For a clean hem, you can fold in another 1/4-inch and press or simply fold in as you sew, encasing the raw edge.  As you reach the corners, stitch within a few inches of the corner, stop and tuck underneath the upcoming side; pin or hold in place as you sew around the turn.  Press well.

And here is the finished look, complete with inexpensive purchased place mats, candles, and flowers arranged as only my husband can.

I think I'll keep him.

P.S.  He's also a great cook, so I know I'm going to keep him.

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  1. Very cute! Easy sew things are the best! We'd love for you to link these up at our party!

  2. Thank you for the invite! I'll be right there!