Friday, June 15, 2012

No Cooking This Week

In fact, I'm sitting on my favorite motel balcony and enjoying a Chocolate Cruller and coffee from the Donut Friar and I think my blood pressure has dropped a good 10 points.  For those who aren't familiar with the Donut Friar, go to a little nook at the back of The Village in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and enjoy!  The Donut Friar has been making the best donuts in this area since the early 60's.

We're at the end of a week full of travel and relaxation.  We took our daughter north five days ago to her summer internship and will cap off the week tomorrow taking our son on a college visit.  The empty nest is getting closer and closer.

Sigh ...

So no cooking happening this week but I have been enjoying a lot (maybe too much) of other folks food.  The best meal without a doubt though was our traditional picnic at the Cove. 
I see meat and I see dairy and I see fruit and I'm quite sure there's some grains in those chips and crackers ... sounds like a well-rounded meal to me!

I've been doing a little knitting and doing a little clearing out of old magazines which means I'm adding to my stack of recipe clippings while lounging on this aforementioned balcony.

And the closest I've come to cooking this week is preparing this sandwich of classic beef bologna and muenster cheese tucked neatly between two Ritz crackers.

And that's some fine eating.

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